AGA Stoves

AGA Freestanding Stoves are brought to you by the manufacturers of the world famous AGA range cooker. The range encompasses both classic and contemporary styles and are manufactured in either cast-iron or steel. Selected models are now available in all fuel types from wood and solid fuel to gas and electric.

Our classic cast-iron AGA Stove collections include Ellesmere and Ludlow. All are manufactured to the highest quality and achieve an A rated energy efficiency rating and above.

Our contemporary steel stoves are truly exceptional and are manufactured from high grade steel. A variety of styles and sizes with excellent efficiencies and DEFRA smoke exemption throughout, you can choose from 6 designs and selected models are 2022 ECO Compliant. Our Ellesmere and Ludlow ranges are available in all fuel types from wood, gas and electric.


Aga Hadley

The clean line of the Hadley wood burning stove will appeal to those looking for an honest, unfussy design to their stove. With its impressive height and beautiful flame effect the Hadley is a smoke exempt stove and also has a secondary air intake ensuring that the glass remains clear for you to enjoy the flame picture. With a 8kW nominal heat output the Hadley will comfortably heat most rooms.

Aga Hanwood

With its strong lines and large flame picture, the Hanwood wood burning stove makes itself the contemporary heart of any room. The Hanwood is a medium sized stove with a handy log store and a nominal output of 9kW and high efficiency of 79%. Ideal for the family home, ultra-controllable as well as being Smoke Exempt (fully approved to burn wood in smoke exempt zones).

Aga Lawley

Set upon a pedestal, the Lawley wood burning stove provides a stunning flame picture with simple to use controls. With a nominal output of 4.4kW and one straight forward control to regulate the air intake, the Lawley is ideal for the family home. The Lawley is a Smoke Exempt stove, so it is fully approved to burn wood in smoke exempt zones.

Aga Ludlow SE

The Ludlow SE is a dedicated smoke exempt version of the highly popular Ludlow stove. Easy to use, it is incredibly easy to clean too, thanks to its removable shaker grate, ash pan, fire fence and ash tray. The low particulate emissions from the SE model mean that it is fully approved to burn wood in smoke exempt zones

Like all AGA stoves, it benefits from the AGA Active Air Wash System – cutting-edge technology that optimises heat performance, reduces harmful emissions and keeps the stove window clean so you can enjoy the relaxing effect of a real fire.

Aga Dorrington

The Dorrington wood burning stove adds inspiration to any space it fills with high efficiency at 80.4% and a 5.9kW nominal output it is ideal for medium and large living areas. The Dorrington features windows on either side as well as the ample front glass to ensure you can see the flame effect from virtually anywhere in the room. The Dorrington is a Smoke Exempt stove, so it is fully approved to burn wood in smoke exempt zones.

This stove is 2022 Eco Compliant.