Hergóm believes that cast iron is the ideal material for wood heating products, thanks to its durability, sturdiness, finishing possibilities and high heat transfer capabilities. That is why they use cast iron as the main material for their stoves, and take special care in the process of casting our components.

Known for its outstanding heat conduction and high resilience, cast iron gives an authenticity, durability and performance advantage. And thanks to the guarantee of their own foundry, each cast iron product carries a difficult to match Hergóm prestige: the legacy of a leader with extensive experience in leading an industry: the creation of high quality cast iron.

Given its extraordinary resistance to heat and rust, and thanks to its construction with no weld points, cast iron prevents the degradation that components would suffer if manufactured with other materials. Cast iron is immune to the expansion-contraction cycle caused by the heating-cooling of steel stoves. A cast iron body will provide decades of operation.

Cast iron products emit a pleasant, uniform radiant heat, and they cool down more slowly than steel, allowing you to continue receiving warmth after the fire is out.

Cast iron allows for unique shapes and attractive details, plus a vitrified porcelain finish in different colours. The finish enamel confers Hergóm cast iron a high adherence protection, preserving it from external agents and ensuring an exceptional surface. The brightness of enamel remains intact in time, and the non-stick surface allows easy cleaning.