Everything you need

Pop in to find anything that no longer has a home on the highstreet. Where can you get your keys cut, pick up a bucket and have a scone at the same time? Right here, that’s where.

The place for ‘everything else’

Although the village general store is gradually going the same way as the post office, in Knighton we’re still here and going strong. There’s something that people connect with here: locally our shop is known as the ‘Aladdin’s cave’ and you’ll see why when you come in to visit us.

We sell a large range of affordable everyday essentials. It’s a long list, but here goes: buckets, mops, spades, lamps, kettles, baskets, house signs, paint, irons, brooms, keys…phew. You get the idea. And we offer free local delivery so you don’t have to lug your purchases back up the hill.

We think you’ll enjoy our special Sale table, giving you a range of our top-quality products at bargain prices. So, if you’re in town for the day, come in and say hello. You won’t leave empty-handed.

Paint: Dulux (mixed in the shop), Little Green Company, Morris & Co, and Sanderson

Buckets and mops; Brooms and brushes; Waxes and Varnish and Polishes

Electrical goods: white goods, kettles, toasters, irons, and pretty much everything else
Key cutting while you wait
Health food; Herbal and Homeopathic remedies; More Jams and Marmalade than you could shake a stick at
Hardware: locks, nails, tools, saws, screws, fork handles